Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dinner from Express Pho

Update: Express Pho and all the restaurants between West Broadway and Hemlock (west bound) are closed permanently, because that area will be the future location of the Granville Station.

Takeout Day is all about supporting restaurants as they try to survive and cope with the challenges of a pandemic.

I have ordered from most of my favourite neighbourhood joints, and Express Pho is the last one. I felt sad seeing how they're down to two people in the restaurant (I could be wrong, but they look like a mom and son duo).

If you have the means and if you live near West Broadway and Granville, please order from Express Pho. They're right across Jordan, the furniture store.

Support and Order from Express Pho

We ordered new dishes this time (this blog is useful in recalling what we had the last time we were here).

Vietnamese Feast from Express Pho
Dinner Tonight

Vietnamese Spring Roll (2 rolls) from Express Pho
Vietnamese Spring Roll (2 Rolls)

40. Curry Beef with Steamed Rice from Express Pho
Curry Beef with Steamed Rice

I love the way Vietnamese cuisine cook their beef. They're always so tender.

Beef Balls, Chicken Balls Rice Noodle in Soup Pho from Express Pho
Beef Balls, Chicken Balls in Soup (Rice Noodle is in a separate container)

Rice Noodles and Bean Sprouts from Express Pho
Bean Sprouts and Rice Noodles

I hope this post gets more people ordering from Express Pho and that they don't close (like the Greek restaurant beside them, Bawan Greek). We took a peek in their window, and it's empty. Hopefully, it's just a temporary closure, but it doesn't look like it.

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