Friday, January 17, 2020

Dinner at Express Pho

Today was a long day at work. I wanted to breakdown during lunch because the stress was unacceptable and has been unbearable. I told hubby that we should have a high-calorie stress eating session. You see, I started "dieting." I started calorie counting again, and I even started doing simple workouts at home. The exercise has been great (not for losing weight, but just to feel better about my body as a whole).

Anyway, this meal was satisfying after a week of not eating a meal from restaurants. On our walk to West Broadway, I was debating in my head whether to eat at Masa Restaurant (Katsu curry is always a comfort food) or Lin Chinese Restaurant (the thought of spicy Dan Dan Noodles is making me happy already). Still, then I realized we haven't been to Express Pho in quite a while, and they would have fried chicken, and I want fried chicken.

Here's what we had:

Pho Chin, Bo Vien from Express Pho
#9 Pho Chin, Bo Vien
Menu Description: Well-done beef, beef ball rice noodle in soup

I'm going to get this next time! Hubby was so happy with his bowl of pho.

#41 Com Bo Kho
Menu Description: Beef Stew with steamed rice

I have a confession to make. I love Vietnamese Beef Stew. From Vina Vietnamese (the food court Vietnamese stalls), I ALWAYS get the beef stew because it's so tender and delicious.

#1 Cha Gio
Vietnamese Spring Roll

F. Canh Ga Chien
Deep-fried chicken wings

The spring rolls and chicken wings just hit a different spot. I'm so happy!

Note: Express Pho only accepts cash or debit.

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