Saturday, February 6, 2021

La Poutine Week delivery from Storm Crow Alehouse

즐거운 토요일! Jeulgeoun Toyoil! Happy Saturday!

We started watching the Korean series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God last night and want to support restaurants part of La Poutine Week this February 1-7, so we end up ordering from Storm Crow Alehouse. Coincidentally, they serve Korean-inspired poutine called "Bibimbap-Ity-Boo Brisket Poutine."

Bibimbap-Ity-Boo Brisket Poutine
Hand-punched fries, cheese curds, smothered in a house-made beef gochujang gravy, topped with slow-roasted brisket, crispy portobello mushrooms, pickled onions, and a delicious soft poached egg.

The egg and mushrooms were the best part of the poutine. The brisket and gravy were too salty for my liking.

Basic Dungeon Burger with extra bacon
Slow your roll, start basic with our house made beef patty, romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, storm sauce and pickle spear.

Cluckin' Chicken Sandwich
Apocalyptically delicious and crispy double-battered boneless chicken thigh, with shredded romaine and storm sauce. Served on a toasted bunship.

I love the fried chicken inside the sandwich! The outside is crunchy and crispy while the inside is juicy. I would be happy to order just boneless fried chicken from Storm Crow. This is such a revelation.

Bread Pudding topped with vanilla ice cream!

We reheated the pudding in the microwave for a minute then took out the one scoop of ice cream they delivered from the fridge. I like the edges of the pudding because it's crunchy.

Tomorrow is the last day of La Poutine Week and you can order all the poutine for delivery from SkipTheDishes.

Happy Saturday!

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