Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Lunch from Bombay Kitchen and Bar

शुभ बुधवार Happy Wednesday!

Because my arm was still sore from getting the COVID-19 vaccine, we ordered enough food to last for the week from nearby Bombay Kitchen and Bar at 11th Avenue and Granville Street.

Food from Bombay Kitchen and Bar

This is our first time ordering from them, even though they are located a block away from our apartment. It's crazy! We didn't even go to Vij's when it occupied this space.

We ordered seven dishes, and I'll share my review of each one.

Bombay Mix Platter

I love appetizers, and when any restaurant has a platter of sorts, I almost always get it because it allows me to try many different things.

Bombay Mix Platter
Veggie Samosa, Veggie Pakora, Chicken Pakora, and Fish Pakora.

Based on the menu description, I couldn't find my favourite. However, I enjoyed what I think is fried tofu with spinach in the middle. It's so creamy and good.

Tandoor Chicken

I don't eat Indian cuisine as often as I can, so I have only tried Tandoori Chicken once from Tandoori Kona Restaurant in Richmond.

The chicken was moist, but I missed the seasonings or was just overwhelmed by the heat from the Vindaloo and Biryani, so I couldn't appreciate this dish. I can't wait to reheat it tomorrow and try it again to see if it'll improve.

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated with authentic Indian spices and grilled to perfection in the tandoor.

Chicken Vindaloo

I have loved vindaloo ever since trying it on Granville Island. It's hot and delicious. Now, whenever we go to an Indian restaurant, I get the Chicken Vindaloo. I like the Chicken Vindaloo, and the menu description perfectly described it as "A symphony of fire."

Chicken Vindaloo
Zesty curry cooked in a tangy sauce with vinegar, coconut, and potatoes

Palak Paneer

I only have one regret about our Palak Paneer. I picked "Not Spicy" - now, compared to the other dishes, it tasted bland. It's my fault. I should have gone with Mild. Hopefully, with plain rice tomorrow, I can taste the Palak Paneer goodness I love.

Palak Paneer
Homemade cheese cooked with spinach and garlic.

Mix Biryani

This is actually my first time trying Biryani, and I am kicking myself in the butt for waiting this long to try it. However, this is the best dish from Bombay Kitchen and Bar today. I will gladly order this again and again and again. Now, I am excited to try other Indian restaurants and get their Biryani just to compare.

Mix Biryani
A rich combination of vegetables, chicken, lamb, prawn, spices, and basmati rice

Did I tell you that we eat Basmati Brown Rice at least three times a week? I can't wait to reheat the dishes we ordered today and enjoy them for the rest of the week!

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