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Canada's Filipino Restaurant Month | Metro Vancouver Restaurants Prix Fixe Menus

From April 1 to 30, participating restaurants will feature Filipino prix fixe menus that highlight the unique variety of Filipino food, ingredients, and chefs throughout Canada. A more detailed blog post and list of all participating restaurants in Canada are available here.

The Philippine Department of Tourism and Philippine Consulate General in Calgary announced Canada's First-Ever Filipino Restaurant Month.

The project is jointly executed by the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa and the Philippine Consulates General (PCG) in Toronto and Vancouver. The event aims to bring Filipino cuisine to the mainstream Canadian market, inspire Canadians to explore Filipino food, and develop a better appreciation of our culture. The event also wants to promote Filipino restaurants in various provinces across Canada and encourage dining at local restaurants.

Metro Vancouver Restaurants

Because I am in Vancouver, I have been keeping an eye out to see and menu from the different restaurants participating nearby.

Pampanga's Cuisine Prix Fixe Menu

I spotted the menu below on their Instagram account. For $25, can choose one of the appetizers, one of the entrees, and one of the desserts.

Appetizer Ukoy
Crispy deep-fried fritters made with glutinous rice batter, unshelled shrimp, and various vegetables, including calabaza, sweet potato, cassava, sprouts, scallions, julienned carrots, onions, and green papaya.
A dish highly influenced by our Spanish roots where rice, coconut milk, chicken, salted eggs, and peanuts are cooked with rice flour, and coconut milk is wrapped in the banana leaf then steamed.
Entree Sizzling Crispy Sisig with Garlic Rice and Egg
Our best-seller crispy fried pork chunks with our blend of secret spices
Sizzling Caldereta with Garlic Rice
A mild spicy beef stew cooked in herbs, tomato sauce with potatoes, and bell peppers.
Dessert Turon Split
One of our best-seller turon cut in half then topped with a scoop of butterscotch ice cream and caramelized brown syrup with black pearls on the side.
Glutinous rice, coconut milk, fresh milk, sugar, and sprinkled latik.

The Prix Fixe menu is only available in their Fraser Streer location.

Location: 6094 Fraser Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5W 2Z7, Canada

Plato Filipino Prix Fixe Menu

The menu below is posted in the Instagram account of Plato Filipino.It's $25.00 CAD for a choice of one appetizer, entree, and dessert.

Appetizer Tinapa Roll
Fried spring roll with smoke fish and salted egg filling.
Sisig Tacos
Minced pork mask, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and sour cream in soft taco shell.
Fresh Vegetable in a Shell
Sauteed fresh veggies in peanut sauce.
Entree served with rice and free soup Beef Caldereta
Stewed sirloin, finger meat with mix vegetables
Plato Seafood Express
Variety of seafood in coconut sauce with vegetables
Mushroom and Tofu in Adobo Sauce
Simmered in vinegar and soy sauce
Dessert Turon Ala Mode
Banana fritters with jackfruit, ube ice cream, and fresh strawberry
Buko Pandan
Shredded coconut, jelly, and tapioca pearls with pandan flavour
Fruit Cocktail
Mix fruits blend in four seasons' juice (vegetarian)

The Prix Fixie menu is only available in the New Westminster location of Plato Filipino.

Location: 892 Carnarvon St #100, New Westminster, BC V3M 0C5

Grandt Kitchen Prix Fixe Menu

The menu below is from their Instagram account. It's $25 per person. Side comment: FINALLY! A restaurant that understood what Prix Fixe menu is!

Option 1 Option 2
Appetizer Vegetable Spring Roll Vegetable Spring Roll
Entree served with rice Chicken Inasal Inihaw na Liempo
Dessert Buko Pandan Buko Pandan
Drinks Mango or Kalamnsi Juice Mango or Kalamnsi Juice

Location: 10257 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W6, Canada

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