Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Dinner at Sushivan Japanese Restaurant

It's a cold Wednesday evening and we walked to and from our neighbourhood church for Ash Wednesday Mass. After the mass, we went to Sushivan for dinner.

I had my usual favourite Korean-style Ramen, but this time topped with seafood. Hubby ordered the Salmon Teriyaki & Sashimi Box. I absolutely love the salmon teriyaki and I can't wait to come back and order it for myself.

Salmon Teriyaki & Sashimi Box
Salmon teriyaki, appy sashimi, appy tempura, salad, 4 pcs California roll, and rice

Korean Style Ramen with Seafood

As we go down the list of Special Roll, we ordered the Rainbow Roll.

Rainbow Roll
California roll with assorted fish, tobiko

Yay for supporting small businesses!

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