Saturday, March 19, 2022

Dinner at Suika

Trees Cheesecake and Suika are like our weekend combo. It's like when we visit one we should go eat at the other just because they're my comfort places. All restaurants should aim to provide delicious food and a comforting ambiance.

Aburi Salmon Pressed Sushi
Seared Pressed Salmon Sushi topped with Unagi sauce, Mayo and Ikura on Premium sushi rice

Chicken Dashi Karaage
Juicy deep fried chicken thigh, crispy on the outside and filled with rich dashi shoyu flavour

Signature Beef Curry with Tonkatsu
Suika original stewed beef tendon curry

Demiglaze Beef Katsu Don
Panko-breaded, striploin beef cutlet on rice, topped with secret house demiglaze

This is the first Suika visit that I didn't finish my curry. Hubby and I were discussing things that were stressing us out and even the curry is not enough to pull me out of sadness. Or it could be that we ordered too much. 

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