Saturday, October 3, 2020

Lunch delivery from Hot Star and Big G

Last Wednesday, we ordered salt and pepper chicken popcorn from Redbeef Noodles and it was delicious. Today, I decided to order Taiwanese-style salt and pepper fried chicken and chicken popcorn from two places I have tried before: Hot Star and Big G.

They're both available in Uber Eats, so I placed my order.


I surprisingly prefer Hot Star's Salt and Pepper Original Large Fried Chicken. For some reason, Big G's Taiwanese Jumbo Chicken Steak is too sweet. What Big G has going for it are the sides like the curry rice (although, I could be biased since I love curry)

Order from Big G
Order from Hot Star
Since it was delivered, I don't expect a lot of crispy and crunch, but they both arrived hot crunchy and crispy.

The chicken on the left is from Big G while the one on the right is from Hot Star. The difference in colour is surprising.

Honestly, I would rather order Redbeef's chicken popcorn again. 


Hot Star's chicken is also bigger which I didn't expect considering big is part of Big G's name. My "measurement" is based on the paper plate we got from Big G.

Overall Assessment

Based on this, I'd eat at Hot Star more, but it seems like there are other Taiwanese-style fried chicken sources I need to try like J&G. Next time! :)

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