Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Lunch with Parents at Bridges Restaurant

It was an emotional week in the office, and I'm tired. My dad is flying out of Canada tomorrow to take care of business back in the Philippines. I asked if they have time to have lunch with me today near work, and we ate in the beautiful Bridges Restaurant in Granville Island.

My dad enjoyed his Spicy Tuna Burger while my mom surprisingly finished her fish and chips. Hubby had West Coast Chowder, and I had Seafood Penne.

Seafood Penne

Fish & Chips

West Coast Chowder

It was a nice break from routine to have lunch with people I love and care about.

After lunch, we walked to Blue Hat Bakery, where I decided to buy them baked goodies. My dad had a cup of coffee, and they shared a mango danish.

Fresh Mango Danish

I felt so loved during the 1.5 hours I spent with my parents and being able to treat them today is a reminder of why I work hard (even if my job could be stressful). I need money to spoil them like this every now and then. Hearing my mom say Ang sarap! (delicious) every bite of the danish and Ang ganda naman dito parang walang problema (it's so beautiful here, and it feels like I don't have any problems) while staring at the water and mountain background while we're in The Bridges felt great.

Thank God it's Friday!

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