Lunch at Rayhan Mediterranean Restaurant

Yay for outside food. We're picking up a package nearby and decided to grab lunch from Rayhan Mediterranean Restaurant.

For our appetizer, we ordered a veggie samosa. It was bigger than we anticipated.

Crispy Samosa

Inside of the Samosa

For our lunch, I picked a Mixed Plate, and hubby chose Mixed Wrap. We both picked chicken and falafel. I was selfish when I didn't want to share my Mixed Plate, but of course, I did. The Mixed Plate is fantastic!

Falafel and Chicken Mixed Plate

Mixed Wrap with a side of fries

Mixed Wrap

We ordered large baklava for dessert, which looked small compared to the samosa but still a good portion for sharing.

We enjoyed our lunch for around 20 to 30 minutes, and I'm surprised at how many customers I've seen come and order take out from this place. This is our first time eating in this neighbourhood, and it's amusing. Happy Thursday!


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