Sunday, March 14, 2021

Celebrating Pi Day with Pies from the grocery

Pi Day this year is a little different for hubby and me. We decided to not order from restaurants for 40 days starting Ash Wednesday as part of our fasting. The only loophole will be eating with people outside our household, which essentially means with the family in Richmond.

That said, we couldn't order pies. Thankfully, there are frozen pies in our local grocery, so we decided to buy three different savoury pies.

Aussie Pie Guy

We got two different flavours of pies from the Aussie Pie Guy brand.

Aussie in its packaging

Aussie baked in an air fryer because I don't have an oven.

Salmon Pie

Salmon Pie from Aussie

Chef Fenrick

Frozen Chicken Pot Pie from Chef Fenrick

Baked Chicken Pot Pie from Chef Fenrick

Of all the three pies, I enjoyed the Chicken Pot Pie the most. I kinda wished I grabbed more Chef Fenrick pies. There's always Pi Day next year!

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