Sunday, September 18, 2022

Dinner at Nikkyu Japanese Restaurant | Car Free Day Main Street

After doing our Costco grocery run, we decided to walk going to Car Free Day on Main Street. It was such a fun day, with more people than Car Free Day in Commercial Drive last week.

Car Free Day Main Street

We walked from 10th Ave to 25th Avenue along Main Street to check out food options and the different vendors. I love the view of streets filled with people out for a good time with mountains in the background.

Since many restaurants were full, we ended up having an early dinner at Nikkyu Japanese Restaurant.

Beef Teriyaki

Hubby ordered beef teriyaki, which arrived first. It came with rice, a side salad, and miso soup.


Special House Roll
Salmon, tuna, tamago, chopped scallop, imitation crab meat with avocado and tobiko on top

The Special House Roll is packed with things you want inside the roll. It requires two bites to enjoy the Special House Roll.

Katsu (Pork) Curry and Rice with potatoes, pumpkin, and tomato

I love Japanese curry, and this is the most unusual one I have had. The tomato was a surprise, and the pork was sweeter during the first couple of bites.

Overall, supporting local businesses during Car Free Day Main Street was good.