Saturday, September 10, 2022

Brazilian Pastels from Whatafood | Car Free Day Commercial Drive

Happy Saturday! After doing household chores most of the morning, we walked almost 6 kilometres from our apartment near South Granville to Commercial Drive to participate and join the fun at Car Free Day Vancouver: Commercial Drive.

We walked the nine blocks from North Grandview Highway to 1st Avenue and checked out which food trucks, restaurants, and food stalls were available.

Before reaching 1st Avenue, we spotted Whatafood Brazilian Street Food. We're uncertain what to expect but decided to order both available flavours: Cheese and Beef & Cheese.

Cheese and Beef Brazilian Pastels


Cheese Brazilian Pastel

Beef & Cheese Brazilian Pastel

I would recommend the cheese. The beef was alright, but the crispy exterior of the Brazilian Pastel with the creamy, cheesy inside is perfect for the Cheese flavour.