Monday, September 5, 2022

Dinner at Ton Ton Sushi

After a day at the beaches on the west side of Vancouver, we had dinner at a Ton Ton Sushi before riding the bus home.

I'm surprised how delicious the Dynamite Roll is; better than Masa, Sushivan, and every other sushi place I've had so far.

Dynamite Rolls
Inside: Prawn tempura, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, and lettuce
Outside: Masago

We had Takoyaki as well, which is so-so.

Deep-fried octopus ball, drizzled with katsu sauce, mayo, bonito fish flakes, sesame seed, and kizami nori

I also tried Creamy Mentaiko Udon for the first time ever and enjoyed it. However, I wish there was protein on top. I'll order creamy udon from other Japanese restaurants we frequent to be able to compare, but overall, it was delicious.

Creamy Mentaiko Udon
Stir-fried Udon noodles tossed in cream sauce with onions, mushrooms, and cod toe topped with garlic chips.

Creamy Mentaiko Udon

Hubby had the Katsu Don. We haven't had it in a long time, so I am happy to enjoy it. It's delicious too.

Katsu Don
Pork cutlet with egg on rice

I can't wait to come back to Ton Ton Sushi.