Saturday, September 3, 2022

Lunch at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

After the disappointment over the lack of rice at Taiwanfest's Sasaya Bistro, we walked to nearby Hot Star Large Fried Chicken. We love Hot Star, and I miss it so much.

First, I'm happy to see it still open because the last time we enjoyed a meal here was March 2020, a week before the whole work from home and pandemic. I had an interview and a job offer all in that week, but since the world turned upside down (sort of), the job offer was rescinded.

We had our usual order at Hot Star, which was so satisfying.

Yogurt Green Apple is my absolute favourite "milk tea" drink.

Original Chicken Leg Bento

I prefer the Chicken Leg chicken over the Original Large Fried Chicken for some reason. Maybe because it still has bone and skin, it just seems better.

Salt and Pepper Original Large Fried Chicken

Creamy Custard Fried Buns

A peak inside the Creamy Custard Fried Buns

I love fried buns, and even after we left, I wanted more.

After lunch, we went to the Vancouver Public Library to look at books, then to Anticipated Sunday Mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral.

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