Friday, September 9, 2022

Dinner at International Sandwich Factory | Checklist

We picked up a package from UPS along West Broadway, and before heading home, we had dinner at International Sandwich Factory across the street.

First, I love the interior design filled with maps of the contents. There are airplanes painted on the wall and other trinkets on the shelves behind the counter. It's such a happy place.

Interior of International Sandwich Factory

Counter of International Sandwich Factory

Map of North and South American Continents

View from inside the store

Next, I am overwhelmed by the options. Thankfully, hubby suggested that we start from the top of the menu and go down from there. This means every time we come here for a meal, it's like being transported to a different place.

Lastly, the sandwiches we got were delicious! I prefer the Cochinita Pibil Sandwich over the Torta because there's unexpected heat coming from the Cochinita.

Pork, criolla salad, cilantro, avocado, mayo, and habnero sauce

According to, "A torta is a Mexican sandwich served on a soft roll and filled with meat sauce, and various toppings such as crema, avocado, salsa, and iceberg lettuce."

Cochinita Pibil
Mayan achiote, shredded pork, black beans, red onions, mayo, lettuce, and tomatillo green sauce

Doing my research, Cochinita Pibil originated from Mexico and "is a traditional Yucatec Mayan slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatan Peninsula."

I can't wait to come back and try more of their sandwiches! So, for future me, here is a checklist of their different sandwiches.

    ☑️ Cochinita Pibil 🇲🇽
    ☑️ Torta 🇲🇽
    🔲 Lumberjack (My best guess is from 🇨🇦 because it includes Smokie Montreal)
    🔲 Broadway (My best guess is from 🇺🇸)
    🔲 Otto & Fritz (My best guess is from 🇩🇪 because of German chemists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann
    🔲 Cubano mi Elmano 🇨🇺
    🔲 El Che (My best guess is from 🇦🇷 because of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara)
    🔲 New Yorker 🇺🇸
    🔲 Gringo (My best guess is from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 because it includes English Ham, and it's the term used among Latin Americans to describe a foreigner (usually an English-speaking Anglo American)
    🔲 Croissant 🇫🇷
    🔲 Italian Gigolo 🇮🇹
    🔲 La Ostia (My best guess is from 🇮🇹 because of the ingredients, and Ostia is a Comune in Italy.)
    🔲 Veggie Sandwich 🗺️