Saturday, September 24, 2022

Lunch from Hich Persian Cuisine at Aberdeen Food Court

Since I grew up eating rice, I needed it to fully enjoy my chicken from J&G Fried Chicken, so we ordered a Soltani Kabob with rice from Hich Persian Cuisine. I am so grateful that my husband noticed the Dolmades. I wrote and raved about this dish when we went to the Riley Park Summer Farmers Market. So I am pleased to see and eat it here!

Soltani Kabob
1 Skewer Barg (AAA filet mignon) and 1 skewer of ground beef kabob served with saffron rice

Grape leaves roll stuffed with rice and herbs.

The rice is good, and the skewers were excellent, but the real star is the dolmades. It's a great palate cleanser when you've had enough (or too much) meat. It's like a reset button on your taste buds so they can go back to enjoying all the flavours. It's so delicious!

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