Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Chicken Deluxe (Bola Bola) Steamed Buns (Siopao) from Original New Town Bakery (Cambie Village Location)

SIOPAO! I grew up in the Philippines and am hopelessly in love with Filipino food. One of the things I miss is the Filipino steamed buns (siopao), specifically the Bola Bola. In Canada, it's usually referred to as Chicken Deluxe Steamed Buns.

While doing our daily walks, I spotted a siopao sign along Cambie Street. I was pleasantly surprised to find siopao relatively close to our home.

Bola Bola Siopao (Chicken Deluxe Steamed Buns) from New Town Bakery & Restaurant

I'll be back and order half a dozen frozen siopao I can steam at home. My favourite siopao in Vancouver is still from Bao Bakery in Joyce, but I will frequent New Town because it's closer.

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