Monday, June 3, 2024

Chicken Carbonara and Steak & Stout Pie from The Pie Hole

After a long day at work, hubby and I decided to unwind by taking a walk. We stretched our legs for a leisurely 2.5 kilometres and found ourselves conveniently in front of The Pie Hole's new West Broadway location. Perfect timing!

We couldn't resist diving into their savoury pies. We shared a 5-inch Chicken Carbonara and a 5-inch Steak and Stout. The crust was exactly what you crave in a pie: flaky layers that shattered with a satisfying crunch, revealing a buttery undertone.

The Steak and Stout was a revelation. The rich, savoury filling boasted a robust undercurrent from the dark stout. It melded beautifully with the tenderness of the beef sirloin, creating a symphony of textures and flavours. Hubby, however, seemed less attuned to the subtle beer notes.

Steak & Stout Pie from The Pie Hole
A Pie Hole signature. Slow-cooked beef sirloin in rich, dark stout beer with carrots and onions.

The Chicken Carbonara was a delightful surprise. Succulent chicken pieces nestled in a luxuriously creamy alfredo sauce. The sauce was a perfect balance of savoury cheese and a hint of peppery bite. Bacon crumbles added a salty touch, while peas and onions provided pops of freshness and sweetness. It captured the essence of a classic carbonara but in a warm, comforting, and oh-so-portable form encased in that beautiful flaky crust.

Chicken Carbonara Pie from The Pie Hole
Creamy housemade alfredo sauce, big chunks of chicken, bacon, peas, onions, and lots of cheese are baked into The Pie Hole's signature Double Butter Crust.

By the end of our walk, I felt completely rejuvenated. The fresh air, delicious food, and quality time with hubby had washed away all the workday stress. We savoured the rest of the walk home, taking in the beauty of the day. It was pure bliss. Thank God!

For future me, below is a list of things you have tried in The Pie Hole.

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