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Saturday, August 12, 2023

Food Adventure at BC Dumpling Festival

If you told me that this summer, I'll go to Surrey for a festival and three weeks later I'll spend my Saturday in Coquitlam for BC Dumpling Festival, then I'll totally believe you.

There were more than 20 food vendors (including food trucks). For the non-food trucks, I spotted Chef Tony, Nina's Pierogies, and Mr. Siopao de Langley, which we have tried before.

Spicy Beef Jamaican Patty from Morgan's Harbour

I know. I know. It's not a dumpling, but the first food we tried was Spicy Beef Jamaican Patty from Morgan's Harbour. I have been looking for a delicious Jamaican patty since arriving in Vancouver, and this hits the spot. It has a crispy and flaky exterior, while the inside is filled with spicy, juicy beef. We ate it under the shade of a tree which is needed because it's so hot!

Spicy Beef from Morgan's Harbour Jamaican Patties
Local AAA beef infused with the time-honoured trio of spices: thyme, pimento, and scotch bonnet peppers.

Red Bean and Custard Bun from Jiaozi

Afterwards, we went for sweet, adorable character buns from Jiaozi. The red bean is definitely better than the custard, but both are too cute to eat.

Red Bean Character Bun and Custard Character Bun from Jiaozi

Meat-Style Dumplings from Momo Joy

Then, we lined up for plant-based Himalayan momo from Momo Joy. My only other momo experience is from Richmond Night Market. I have cooked plant-based products before, and from this meat-style momo, I can only taste the plant-based flavour.

Meat Style Dumplings from Momo Joy
Onions, cabbage, and plant-based meat

After devouring the momo, we looked for a water refilling station sponsored by RBC.

Wonton from Sun Star Restaurant

Then, we spotted another dumpling vendor near the row of food trucks. Sun Star Restaurant sells regular and spicy wontons. We got both, and they're amazing. It's the best dumplings so far!

Regular and Spicy Wontons from Sun Star Restaurant

We took a short break after the wonton. We sat under the tree where I'm writing this post so far.

Cookies and Cream Bao from Blend Bubble Tea & Cafe

Afterwards, we went for Cookies and Cream Bao from Blend Bubble Tea & Cafe. It's deep-fried bao with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk topped with crushed Oreo cookies. They put in too much condensed milk. It's good, but I never thought I'll think of too much condensed milk. Balance is key.

Cookies and Cream Bao from Blend Bubble Tea & Cafe
Deep-fried bao, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, Oreo cookie crumble, chocolate drizzle, and icing sugar

Pork Dumpling from Nadri Korean Food

Our last dumpling at the festival is a classic Pork Dumpling from Nadri Korean food. It's perfectly steamed and juicy pork with a perfect dough and filling ratio. I love it.

Pork Dumplings from Nadri Korean Food

I'm now full and finishing this post inside the bjs going to Port Moody. Hopefully, we arrive on time for the 5:00 PM Anticipated Sunday Mass at St. Joseph's Parish. Thank God for the summer heat, good food, and blessed country we call home.

Below is a list of other dumpling food stalls which I didn't get to try their food.

  • Dungan House Central Asian
  • House of Yee Fine Foods
  • IPSE Mandoo

Hubby and I are discussing how they can improve things for next year's festival (just in case they want to have it again). Below are a couple of suggestions:

  • More visible menu. I love walking around, and standardizing the menu so people can see what dumplings or food are available from each booth will be ideal. Surrey Fusion Festival has a standardized format, while Richmond Night Market has fantastic visuals and labels on the tarpaulin on each stall.
  • We love that a volunteer is guiding the end of the line. However, it still gets confusing since there are people waiting. We get it; dumplings need time to cook. Maybe make food stalls better so there's enough space for lining up and another area for waiting for orders.
  • I would love for this to be a 2-day event, so I can have a staycation with my hubby. I wonder if there are good hotels in the area.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lunch at Taco Bell

There's not a lot of Taco Bell branches in Metro Vancouver. My parents are meeting a friend in Coquitlam Centre and it just so happen that the food court has a Taco Bell branch. Woot!

Cheese Quesadilla


It's not as good as from the Philippines and not so many options. I'd rather head to Chipotle.

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