Friday, January 6, 2023

La Win Supermarket with Bakery is now open!

La Win Supermarket is a newly opened Asian grocery located at West Broadway corner Pine Street. It's a cause of celebration that we now have an Asian market within walking distance of our place! Imagine all the frozen dumplings, instant noodles, fresh produce, and meat.

We visited this evening on our way to Shoppers for our weekly grocery run. They're still at the soft opening stages since some aisle is still empty, and we can still see boxes that need to be unpacked.

With that said, we checked out their Bakery section for bread. Unfortunately, it's after work, so only a handful is left, and we got three salt bread.

Salt Bread from La Win Supermarket

We enjoyed Plain Salt Bread, Garlic Salt Bread, and Black Truffle Salt Bread with hot chocolate for dinner this evening. It started raining on our walk home, so a mug of warm cocoa was what we needed.

Plain Salt Bread

The plain one reminds me of pandesal but with a more buttery exterior.

My favourite would be garlic. It has a strong garlic flavour and is so buttery that you can feel your fingers feel slippery.

Garlic Salt Bread

My least favourite is the black truffle because I'm unsure what to expect. It smells like truffle, but I can't justify that it costs more than the other two.

Black Truffle Salt Bread

On our walk home, we discussed trying the different loaves of bread they have. There are matcha, chocolate, raisins, and other variants, and they're only half a loaf. The one thing stopping me from hoarding bread is calories. There needs to be nutritional information on the bread, which is not ideal for a dieting foodie like me.

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