Saturday, January 7, 2023

Tim Hortons Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches now available!

Happy New Year! Tim Hortons features the Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwich with naturally-smoked Canadian bacon. The menu and the app offer two main sandwich options: the Canadian Bacon & Egg Breakfast Sandwich and the Canadian Bacon BELT.

Tim Hortons Canadian Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich from Tim Hortons

This is separate from the Maple Bacon Sandwiches which they announced last year. The Canadian Bacon sandwiches were first introduced in 2019 (source:

Happy Saturday morning! My husband has errands in Downtown Vancouver, so we visited a Tims location nearby to try the new Canadian Bacon breakfast sandwiches.

Tim Hortons Canadian Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich from Tim Hortons

I ordered the Canadian Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich with the recommended English muffin. On my first bite, it was saltier and more flavourful than their usual bacon. The egg was creamy and muffin soft.

Canadian Bacon BELT from Tim Hortons

Meanwhile, the Canadian Bacon BELT (bagel, egg, lettuce, and tomatoes) didn't work as well. It's hard to taste Canadian Bacon because other things are going on.

Canadian Bacon BELT from Tim Hortons

The Everything Bagel was toasted, and the edges were slightly bitter burnt. Meanwhile, the lettuce was crunchy, the tomatoes were juicy, and the egg yolk was creamy. It was a good sandwich, but the Canadian Bacon wasn't the star.

Old Fashioned Sugar Donut from Tim Hortons

This Tim's location offers donut variants not available in other branches. I ordered the Old Fashioned Sugar Donut. It's dry. Reminding me that Tims still has sucky Classic donuts.

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