Saturday, January 14, 2023

Wendy's introduces Homestyle French Toast Sticks

This week (January 9), Wendy's Canada made the NEW Homestyle French Toast Sticks available. After offering a competitive breakfast menu, the Homestyle French Toast Sticks is the first sweet breakfast item offered at Wendy's.

NEW Homestyle French Toast Sticks from Wendy's Canada

Because they released it on a Monday (and I work a regular day job), I can only go to Wendy's today for breakfast. We arrived at the closest Wendy's location at 10:00 AM and ordered the Homestyle French Toast Sticks. We waited 30 minutes until the lunch menu became available to finally try their Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt.

NEW Homestyle French Toast Sticks fr Wendy's Canada

Soft inside and crunchy edges. The golden brown colour is impressive. Though, there are not a lot of flavours. I was expecting sweet, but I'm not getting that. There's a subtle taste of egg, but that's about it. Great texture, only a little flavour.

Unless you're highly challenged in the kitchen, you can make this better at home. So that's my short review of the NEW Homestyle French Toast Sticks from Wendy's Canada.

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