Sunday, January 8, 2023

Lunch Date at Bombay Kitchen + Bar

We arrived at Bombay Kitchen + Bar at 11:30 AM when they opened. It's a beautifully designed restaurant. I love the fountain and fireplace; the wall decorations and lighting are exquisite.

The beautiful interior of Bombay Kitchen + Bar at 11th Avenue.

We were seated and given the menu. After five minutes, our waiter returned to inform us that the chef had just arrived and it'll be a few minutes before they could take our order and asked if we could wait. Thankfully, we're not famished and just had breakfast at Blenz Coffee.

At noon, the server returned and took our order of Honey Chilli Fries, Butter Chicken, Karahi Paneer, Garlic Naan, and Mix Biryani.

Honey Chilli Fries

The first to arrive at our table is the Honey Chilli Fries. It was sweet and a bit spicy, and the fries were soggy because of the sauce. However, the portion was surprisingly generous and perfect for sharing between 2-3 people.

Honey Chilli Fries from Bombay Kitchen + Bar
Sweet & spicy fries tossed in a special chef's sauce.

Butter Chicken

The Butter Chicken arrived next, and we ordered it with a medium spice level. It was sweet. I don't know what's wrong with me because I never knew butter chicken was sweet until I tried some at New India Buffet. I can only taste the savoury sweetness (I'm not sure if that made sense as a flavour). I expected it to be creamy and savoury with minimal to no sweetness. It's so amusing. I blame my love for Vindaloo, which is tarty and spicy, so maybe that's why butter chicken tastes sweet.

January 12 Update: We had butter chicken leftovers and it still has a lot of sweet flavours but there's a more subtle heat going on. Eating it with plain rice seems to be the way to go to appreciate the full flavour.

Butter Chicken
Chicken breast cooked with light cream and tomato with fenugreek.

Karahi Paneer

It's our first time trying karahi paneer. It has a subtle sour flavour because of the tomatoes, while the onions provided sweetness, and the paneer was creamy.

Karahi Paneer
Homemade cheese pieces are served in thick gravy with big chunky pieces of onion, capsicum, and tomatoes.

Mix Biryani and Garlic Naan

We ordered the Mix Biryani and Garlic Naan because those two were my favourite things when we had food from Bombay Kitchen + Bar in 2021. The naan has a nice char and is slightly bitter, especially on the edges. There is crushed garlic on top, providing so much garlicky flavour to the naan.

Garlic Naan
White leavened bread flavoured with garlic.

Meanwhile, the Biryani is perfectly spicy and seasoned. The chicken and lamb are tender, and the prawns are perfectly cooked. I love it!

Mix Biryani
A rich combination of veggies, chicken, lamb, & prawn spices & basmati rice.

Gajar Ka Halwa

I wanted Kheer, but it's unavailable. So we tried the Gajar Ka Halwa for the first time. It's made with fresh carrots. It's not overly sweet. The bowl and dessert were warm and had a lot of coconut flavour.

Gajar Ka Halwa
Indian pudding made with fresh carrots, milk, sugar, ghee, & nuts.

We stayed here until 1:30 PM and enjoyed our meal over gossip. We discussed the latest in Philippine news and chismis and our dreams and goals. Weekly dates with my husband are always a heart-fluttering experience.

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