Thursday, April 4, 2024

Akamaru Ramen and Yakitori from Kokoro Ramen

It's that time of year again – tax season! For some, it's a breeze, and for others, it can be a bit dreadful. But one thing's for sure: it always calls for a meal afterward! For the past three years, Kokoro Ramen on Victoria Street has been our post-tax-filing tradition.

Shio Tonkotsu Ramen

My husband opted for the Shio Tonkotsu Ramen. This classic dish features a rich pork broth, a testament to the long hours of simmering that create its complex flavour. Green onions, fried onions, kikurage mushrooms, and bamboo shoots add colour and texture, while black garlic oil lends a touch of smokiness. The star of the show, however, is the pork chashu. These melt-in-your-mouth slices of pork belly are slow-cooked to perfection, adding a decadent richness to the overall dish. When he offered me a spoonful of the broth, I was instantly captivated by its thick, almost creamy texture. It was a warm and comforting hug in a bowl.

Shio Tonkotsu Ramen from Kokoro Ramen
Pork broth, green onion, fried onion, kikurage, bamboo shoot, black garlic oil, and pork chashu

Akamaru Ramen

For me, a little spice is always a good thing. That's why I gravitated towards the Akamaru Ramen. This fiery creation boasts the same rich pork broth as the Shio Tonkotsu but with the added kick of a spicy sauce. My first slurp was an explosion – the heat hitting my taste buds head-on. But Kokoro Ramen knows how to balance the elements. The creamy egg yolk and the savoury, tender chashu offered a delightful counterpoint to the heat, creating a sweet, flavorful, and spicy symphony in every bite. It was a flavour adventure that kept me returning for more despite the initial fiery blast.

Akamaru Ramen from Kokoro Ramen
Pork broth, green onion, kikurage, tokyo negi, pork chashu, and spicy sauce

Yakitori Feast

To complete our ramen feast, we took advantage of a delightful deal – 50% off yakitori (grilled skewered chicken and meat)! This was perfect for sharing and exploring different flavours. We ordered one of each variety – chicken momo (thigh), chicken negima (thigh with Japanese leek), chicken tsukune (meatball), and lean beef steak.

Yakitori from Kokoro Ramen
From left to right: chicken tsukune, chicken momo, chicken negima, and lean beef steak

Each skewer was cooked to perfection— juicy and flavorful. While they were all delicious, myfavouritess were the chicken negima, where the sweetness of the leek beautifully complemented the chicken, and the lean beef steak, offering asatisfying savouryy option.

If you're looking for a delicious and comforting meal or simply a place to celebrate (or drown your sorrows) after tax season, look no further than Kokoro Ramen.

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