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Filipino Restaurant Month: Goldilocks

As a Filipino-Canadian who's lived in Vancouver for almost 10 years, I was absolutely thrilled to hear about Filipino Restaurant Month! This entire month is dedicated to celebrating my home country's rich and diverse cuisine at participating restaurants across Metro Vancouver. My goal? To embark on a delicious adventure and try them all!

Filipino Restaurant Month: Goldilocks

This past Sunday, after a heartwarming service at Mass, my taste buds were primed for a Filipino food adventure. We headed straight to Goldilocks, a familiar and comforting name that brought back childhood memories. They offered two unique Filipino Restaurant Month combos, and we decided to go all in and try them both!

Prix Fixe Menu 1

Prix Fixe Menu 1 featured the following items:

  • Lechon Laing: This spicy, creamy concoction made with taro leaves and crispy pork was a revelation! The complex flavours and textures had me going back for bite after bite.
  • Empanada: While the concept of a savoury pastry filled with meat was familiar, the execution was off for Hubby.
  • Sago't Gulaman: This refreshing dessert of tapioca pearls and jellied seaweed, sweetened with palm sugar, was a delightful and nostalgic ending to the meal.

Prix Fixe Menu 1 from Goldilocks Canada

Prix Fixe Menu 2

Prix Fixe Menu 2 offered a different set of Filipino favourites:

  • Pork BBQ: Skewered and grilled pork marinated in a sweet and savoury sauce – a crowd-pleaser that lived up to its name.
  • Palabok: A noodle dish with shrimp, pork, and a special orange sauce – while decent, it didn't quite hit the mark for either of us.
  • Pritong Lumpia: Spring rolls filled with savoury vegetables and meat – similar to the empanada, it wasn't quite what we were hoping for.
  • Ube Sago: This vibrant purple dessert with ube (purple yam) jam, tapioca pearls, and coconut milk was a textural and flavour explosion – a definite winner!

Prix Fixe Menu 2 from Goldilocks Canada

While this first Filipino Restaurant Month experience had its ups and downs, it highlighted the vast and diverse world of Filipino cuisine. Each region in the Philippines boasts its specialties and variations of classic dishes. Goldilocks offered a familiar and comforting starting point, but I can't wait to explore the unique offerings at the other restaurants on my list:

Stay tuned for my next Filipino Restaurant Month adventure! I'll be sharing my experiences, the hits, the misses, and all the delicious discoveries along the way. Hopefully, this blog will inspire you to embark on your own Filipino food journey and discover the magic of this incredible cuisine.

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