Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Buffalo Chicken Poutine and Classic Hot Dog from Cineplex Outtakes

Craving movie snacks but on the fence about the Cineplex Outtakes menu? Look no further! Today's blog post dives into two of their classic offerings – the Classic Hot Dog and the Buffalo Chicken Poutine.

The Classic Hot Dog: A Disappointment at the Concession Stand

Let's start with the Classic Hot Dog. This seemingly simple menu item unfortunately fell short of expectations. The hot dog itself lacked flavour, and the overall experience felt uninspired. While it might satisfy a basic hunger pang, there are definitely more exciting options on the Outtakes menu.

Classic Hot Dog from Cineplex

The Buffalo Chicken Poutine: A Tangy Twist

Next up is the Buffalo Chicken Poutine. This dish offered a more adventurous flavour profile. Crispy fries were generously smothered in gravy and cheese curds, then topped with a generous helping of buffalo chicken. While the concept was intriguing, the execution wasn't quite there. The buffalo sauce was overly tangy, overpowering the other flavours. If you have a high tolerance for spice and tang, you might enjoy this dish. Otherwise, it might be a bit too much for your taste buds.

Buffalo Chicken Poutine from Cineplex

While these two specific dishes weren't winners for me, Cineplex Outtakes offers a wide variety of other options, from popcorn to pulled pork sandwiches. It's always a good idea to browse the whole menu before making your choice.

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