Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Avocado Croissant sandwich from Bisou

Happy Wednesday! The hustle and bustle of the work week was in full swing, and this morning, breakfast completely flew under the radar. By the time I hopped off the bus stop downtown, my stomach was already grumbling in protest. But fear not, fellow busy bees, for a happy (and delicious!) solution awaited!

As I walked towards the office, a charming little coffee shop nestled within Telus Gardens caught my eye – Bisou. The name itself whispered promises of delightful treats, and the inviting display of baked goods in the window confirmed those suspicions. However, with a savoury craving, I bypassed the sweet temptations and set my sights on something more substantial.

Avocado Croissant sandwich from Bisou 

Enter the avocado croissant sandwich. A flaky, buttery croissant with a golden exterior promising a warm and inviting embrace. Nestled within was the star of the show – creamy avocado, its richness a perfect counterpoint to the flaky pastry. But the flavour symphony didn't end there. A slice of white cheese added a touch of tang, while fresh tomato slices and spinach provided bursts of colour and freshness. The finishing touch? A hint of pesto, its herbal aroma, and its nutty flavour tie everything together in delightful harmony.

Avocado Croissant Sandwich from Bisou

So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, rushing to work with an empty stomach, take a moment to seek out a gem like Bisou. You might just discover a breakfast (or snack!) hero that turns your day around, one delicious bite at a time!

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