Thursday, March 14, 2024

Traditional Poutine with Pulled Pork at Original Joe's

Happy Thursday! It is time for another company-paid team lunch! This week's theme celebrated the humble spud – the mighty potato! In true team spirit, we walked to the nearby Original Joe's in Robson, eager to explore their potato-centric offerings.

Staying true to the theme, I opted for a Canadian classic – the poutine. There's nothing quite like a poutine to satisfy a potato craving. Crispy golden fries formed the base, each bite offering a satisfying crunch. Then came the magic – a generous layer of melted cheese curds, their creamy texture and mild flavour, the perfect foil for the salty fries.

I opted for the pulled pork topping to add a bit of protein punch. My vision was a delightful, sweet, and savoury combination. However, the pulled pork arrived unadorned, devoid of any sauce I had anticipated. It was simply shredded pork, relying solely on the rich, flavorful gravy for moisture.

While the poutine wasn't quite the explosion of flavour I envisioned, it was still a hearty and comforting dish. The gravy was the star of the show – a savoury concoction that tied everything together. Each bite was a delightful combination of textures: the crispness of the fries, the gooeyness of the cheese curds, and the tender chew of the pulled pork.

Traditional Poutine topped with Pulled Pork from Original Joe's
Quebec curd and gravy

When we finished our lunches, a contented silence filled the table. Let's just say our "food coma" hit hard upon returning to our desks! But isn't that what team lunches are all about—good food, good company, and a little post-lunch snooze (I fought really hard and found ways to keep myself awake and productive)? Despite the slight letdown on the pulled pork, it was still a fun-filled afternoon celebrating the spud and fostering team spirit.

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