Saturday, March 23, 2024

NYC Suprême from Lumiere Cafe

The fiery adventure at Soup Curry Garaku left a warm (and slightly spicy!) glow in its wake. Craving a sweet, relaxing counterpoint, I embarked on a coffee shop quest. Hopping on the Canada Line SkyTrain, I zipped back towards "home," disembarking at the Broadway City Centre station.

Hot Chocolate from Lumiere Cafe

Lumiere Cafe beckoned me in. While their hot chocolate offered a familiar warmth, it was the NYC Suprême that truly stole the show. This flaky pastry was a textural delight – the exterior boasted a croissant-like flakiness, giving way to a chewy, satisfying interior. But the real star was the filling. I opted for the matcha version, and it did not disappoint. The vibrant green filling delivered a decent matcha flavour, neither overpowering nor underwhelming. Delicate white chocolate sat atop this delightful creation, with a subtle hint of matcha for a cohesive flavour experience.

Matcha NYC Suprême at Lumiere Cafe

With pastry and coffee in hand, I settled in, laptop ready. However, the post-curry drowsiness proved to be an irresistible force. The siren song of sleep was too strong to ignore. So, I called it a day, boarded the bus home, and surrendered to a blissful two-hour nap (completely missing the Whitecaps game and their unfortunate loss!). While not the ending I had initially envisioned, it was a perfect example of embracing the unexpected.

NYC Suprême from Lumiere Cafe

Sometimes, the best adventures involve a little spice, a touch of sweetness, and a generous helping of rest. Until then, I'll cherish the memory of my solo day, filled with culinary discoveries and a much-needed recharge.

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