Thursday, March 21, 2024

BBQ Poutine from Memphis Blues BBQ

Happy Thursday! As the familiar aroma of deliciousness wafted through the air, we knew it was time for another company-paid team lunch! This week, the power was placed firmly in my hands – I, the winner of the competition question, held the glorious responsibility of choosing where to eat.

With a plethora of culinary options in mind, I opted for BBQ! Now, for those familiar with the pre-2018 Vancouver landscape, the name Memphis Blues BBQ might spark a pang of nostalgia. This local favourite used to grace Broadway (between Hemlock and Granville) with its smoky goodness, but their location met its demise. Thankfully, the flame (and the flavour!) lives on at their Robson Street branch, a convenient two-minute walk from the office.

However, with a global team comes the challenge of catering to diverse palates. While BBQ is a beloved cuisine in many parts of the world, variations abound. So, to ensure each office had an easy time choosing, I sent out a message: "Please order whichever BBQ style is most convenient for you."

BBQ Poutine from Memphis Blues BBQ
Not a specialty in Memphis! Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and cheese over fries

Our Melbourne colleagues leaned towards the familiar comfort of Chinese-style BBQ, emphasizing succulent duck dishes. Our team in Cork, on the other hand, chose an American-style BBQ spot.

With this knowledge, I embraced the "go local" approach and stuck with Memphis Blues. Thankfully, upon arrival, the normally bustling restaurant was relatively empty, allowing us to settle in comfortably and enjoy quality team bonding time.

BBQ Poutine from Memphis Blues BBQ

As for my meal choice, I opted for the classic BBQ Poutine. This Canadian twist on a comfort food staple features a bed of deliciously crispy fries smothered in a generous portion of pulled pork. A blanket of melty cheese and a drizzle of their signature BBQ sauce tied everything together in a symphony of textures and flavours. It was, quite simply, food coma-inducing in the best way possible!

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