Saturday, March 2, 2024

BC Place Dog and Tater Tot Nachos inside BC Place

The roar of the crowd fills the air, the energy is electric, and it's finally here – Vancouver Whitecaps' opening game for the MLS season! We're nestled comfortably in our seats at BC Place, ready to cheer on our team. 

But before the first whistle blows, another tradition I hold dear: documenting the stadium's culinary offerings for my blog post (link coming soon!). Armed with my phone camera, I embarked on a mission to capture every mouthwatering item on the concession menu.

With the menu duly photographed, it was time for the real fun - exploring the new food options! This year, I couldn't resist the BC Place Dog, a hotdog whose name doesn't do its deliciousness justice. 

Imagine this: a plump, juicy beef hotdog nestled in a warm bun. The star of the show was the grand aioli, a garlicky mayonnaise that added a rich and creamy layer of flavour. The smoky Hickory sticks provided a delightful contrast, while the savoury bacon bits added a touch of salty goodness. But wait, there's more! The unexpected, yet surprisingly delicious, crunch of Cheetos added a playful element to every bite.

BC Place Dog from Dawson's Hot Dogs in BC Place
Grand aioli, hickory sticks, bacon bits, and crunchy Cheetos

Next up was the Tater Tot Nachos, a dish that needs no introduction for any true nacho lover. Crispy golden tater tots formed the base for this masterpiece, each bite offering a satisfyingly crunchy and fluffy experience. These were then generously topped with a hearty ground beef chilli, the tangy bite of pickled jalapeños, and the juicy sweetness of diced tomatoes. A dollop of cooling lime crema provided a refreshing contrast, and the freshly chopped green onions added a pop of colour and a mild oniony bite. Finally, a generous drizzle of creamy cheese sauce tied everything together, creating a decadent and flavorful experience.

Tater Tot Nachos from The Poutinerie at BC Place
Tater tots, ground beef, pickled jalapeno, diced tomato, lime crema, green onion, and cheese sauce

With our bellies full and taste buds satisfied, we settled back into our seats, ready to cheer on the 'Caps! Here's hoping for a winning start to the season! ⚽️

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