Thursday, March 21, 2024

Waffles and Chocolate Fondue at Nero Waffles

The workday was in full swing when my phone rang. It was Michaels, and their call brought a wave of relief - our custom framing project for the office was finally complete and ready for pick-up! After what felt like an eternity (though, in reality, it was probably just a couple of weeks), the wait was over.

Eager to get these masterpieces, I raced to Michaels after work. But what awaited me wasn't a single, manageable frame – it was two! And let me tell you, these weren't your average picture frames. These were substantial, impressive works of art – big, bold, and surprisingly heavy.

A quick call to my ever-supportive husband confirmed my suspicions. Dragging these bad boys home and then back to the office the next day wasn't exactly an appealing prospect. His solution? A much more straightforward, one-trip approach – head straight to the office! So, with a game plan in place, I waited for him at Michaels, and together, we Ubered to the office, our precious cargo safely secured.

With the successful delivery of the frames, a sense of accomplishment washed over us. But the day wasn't quite over yet. Our stomachs, rumbling after a busy day, demanded attention. As we started our walk home, the familiar aroma of deliciousness stopped us in our tracks. On Seymour Street stood Nero Waffles – a haven we'd admired from afar on countless walks, forever deterred by the long lines snaking out the door.

But today, our luck has changed! The line was non-existent, beckoning us like a sweet, syrupy siren song. We seized the opportunity, eager to finally indulge in Nero Waffles' famed creations.

Date Night at Nero Waffles

My husband opted for the Ham Benedict. A fluffy Brussels waffle – light and crisp, thanks to their special cast-iron magic – served as the base for this delightful dish. Layers of prosciutto cotto (Italian rosemary ham) added a touch of savoury richness while two perfectly poached eggs awaited their glorious reveal. The crowning touch? A house-made hollandaise sauce, its creamy decadence ties everything together.

Ham Benedict from Nero Waffles
Brussels waffle with smoked salmon, two perfectly poached eggs, in house-made hollandaise sauce, greens

As for me, the memory of the epic BBQ poutine from Memphis Blues BBQ still lingered, leaving me in a state of happy satiety. So, I decided to explore a lighter option – the new chocolate fondue. This decadent creation featured a basket overflowing with teeny-tiny Liège waffles. Imagine bite-sized pillows of fluffy, sweet dough studded with caramelized pearl sugar. These miniature masterpieces were joined by a vibrant cast of characters – fresh fruits, plump marshmallows, and the star of the show, Callebaut dark chocolate. This limited-time indulgence is a must-try available only from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. With each dip and each bite, a wave of pure chocolate bliss washed over me.

New Chocolate Fondue from Nero Waffles
A basket of teeny-tiny liege waffles, lots of fresh fruits, marshmallows, & Caliebacut dark chocolate

As we savoured our waffles (because, let's face it, in the pancake vs waffle battle, waffles reign supreme! #TeamWaffle), we couldn't help but smile. This impromptu stop at Nero Waffles perfectly ended a busy day. It was an unexpected delight, a moment of pure indulgence shared with the love of my life. So next time you find yourself craving something sweet, take a chance, explore the unexpected, and you might just discover your own little slice of waffle heaven.

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